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Setup a WebShop for any type of Product

  • General Products Store

    Such as supermarket, kiosk or retail stores

  • Pharmacy & Health Products

    For large pharmacies, patent medicine stores, or health products

  • Fashion stores & Boutiques

    For Fashion stores and boutiques featuring single or various products or just your personal fashion label

  • Electronics and Gadgets

    Sell your Home applicances to mobile devices and various electronic gadgets

  • Book stores

    Setup a bookshop, both digital and paper products

  • Food and Groceries

    Sell your backyard vegetables and groceries or a large scale agric produce


About My Shop Online

Launch a professional, easy to maintain, online webshop for a supermarket, boutique, pharmacy, beauty products, or just anything very quickly. Suitable for the consumer market (B2C) and the business market (B2B).

Starting from as low as N30, 000.00

  • Findability

    You can use your own domain name or use our free hosting and your shop will be available in many search engines after a few hours of setup, making sure you start selling as soon as you setup. We also have interesting additional online marketing options for you so you can stand out

  • Different designs

    With hundreds of design templates for different store types, your major problem will come from too many choices rather than lack of it. Each design is tested for modern day browsing standards and so will perform great on all devices.

Still think you will need help?

If you are thinking of outsourcing the building and designing of your online store or you want the benefits of our e-commerce platform, without having to do anything yourself. If you are looking for customized solutions. We can bring to good use our years of experience with the MyShopOnline platform and our experience with e-commerce to guide you from start to finish.

Do you want certain features or designs that are not (yet) offered by MyShopOnline or our partners? No problem, our consultants and developers are eager to fulfil these desires through customized solutions.

Yes it is true that you will be able to design the most beautiful online store using our MyShopOnline platform. We also understand that not everyone wants to do this oneself or has time for this. So if you prefer not doing it yourself and being guided at every step, then we would like to talk. We can do this for entrepreneurs who just want to start an online store, experienced retailers, as well as large B2B companies that approve the benefits of our solution. Send us a message today without any obligation.

You are sure to find the right help!

Yes setting up an online shop is much more than just that, a lot needs to be done around your online store, such as setting up online marketing, writing texts or usability advice. We show you the way in the e-commerce landscape and in (online) entrepreneurship. Simply having a back office is not enough. If you have questions and you would like to be guided then we would love to talk more. Decide for yourself which areas you could use advice or support; from legal advice to SEO, we have all the knowledge at your disposal.

Send us a message today without any obligation.


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    Search engine Optimization
    Designs and custom colors
    Payment gateway
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    Free web hosting
    Standard web hosting
    Domain name
    Employee training
    Online Marketing
    Help and support
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    N120, 000
    Email and Phone
  • Professional
    Email, Phone and in-person

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